I find that, in most cases, the better quality quilting cottons have a beautiful drape, are much easier to sew and don’t lose their brightness though multiple washings. Really happy to have a post about project suitable for quilting cottons. I have been eyeing up the Aster for quite some time. I hope this list gives you a few ideas for your own beautiful stack of quilting cotton garments and, as I said at the beginning, if you’ve had your own successes with the substrate or know of any other great patterns I’m missing, do let me know in the comments! I can only imagine how hard a mitered corner would be with blue jean fabric. Sometimes I buy it just because it speaks to me. How is it that I had yet to discover this …. See more ideas about Quilt patterns, Quilts, Quilting crafts. I have been thinking about Deer&Doe’s Chardon skirt for this too – the listed fabrics are lightweight twill, chambray, light denim, cotton sateen, etc, so a bit more body and better drape, but I think it might work. I’d love to try sewing up something from Sprout patterns. Quilting cotton is quite sturdy. Finally, I haven’t made many of these, so I can’t guarantee they will look… cool. I did have a look at Named, but most patterns looked unsuitable, so it’s good to have at least one! 56PCS 24.5 × 25cm Printed Floral Assorted Cotton Craft Fabric Bundle Quilting Squares Patchwork for DIY Sewing Stitching 9.6"x9.8" Different Patterns 4.2 out of 5 stars 223 $17.99 $ 17 . No lining required either! The ones I have made turned out just fine, but use your discretion. Edit: Thanks for all your suggestions here and on Instagram, which have been duly added. I’ve been wanting to sew up some of the newest patterns i’ve bought recently (including the Aster) and have mainly quilting cotton in my stash because of the awesome designs. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Learn how to sew, applique, make quilt blocks, or find quilt patterns of all types, sizes, and skill levels. Two great shirt patterns right off the bat with the Liesl + Co Recital Shirt and the Classic Shirt sewing pattern. It includes sewing patterns for summer dresses, evening dresses, formal dresses and casual dresses. L to R: Mirambell skirt, Faura shirt, Rosari skirt. It makes it really hard to buy online too, which is why I mostly tend to buy cotton from the same brands (Cotton + Steel, Art Gallery Fabrics, etc.) You must have been reading my mind because I’ve been thinking about that strange place of quilting cotton in garment sewing. . In fact there are LOTS of quilting cotton Archers on the web if you surf around. I make a lot of baby/little girl dresses. In fact, the version Jenny is wearing below even looks a bit like quilting cotton to me? Does anyone know if Sprout prints to ensure pattern matching? Try draping the fabric on your body and swish about to see if you like how it hangs. I’m currently in a vintage phase – one of the main reasons I taught myself to sew; ready-to-wear retro and vintage clothing is really too dear for my pocketbook! This giveaway includes one digital Aster pattern and your very own cut-and-sew Aster in any Spoonflower design you’d like! so at least there’s some consistency. Someone is going to be lucky! I used cotton quilting fabric and it worked out well. Perhaps this lends itself to the structural qualities of quilting cotton as most of their patterns are suitable for the fabric. There may even be more, but these ones specifically mention medium-weight cotton as a recommended fabric. Quilting cotton is a fabric made specifically for, you guessed it, quilting. I’ve also been curious about Sprout patterns for ages, but haven’t tried it out yet! you reminded me of the washi dress, I just adore this pattern, … so, I am only waiting for summer right now) Anna. . HELP!!!! They offer a Basic Cotton Ultra and Kona® Cotton Ultra quilting cotton. For the patterns they offer, it’s usually enough to make it work. A 1″-2″ double turned hem is great for a garment made in quilting cotton. Quilting cotton generally has cute patterns my kids love, it is cheap enough to justify sewing for my kids rather than shopping at the local big box store, and it stands up to their playing until they grow out of it (and often longer). Quilting Cotton I find challenging to handle, my hands are sensitive to the touch of certain fabrics. I’ve just gotten back into sewing after being away for 15 years or so and it’s amazing how much fabric has changed! I make most of my scrub shirts for work out of quilting cotton, and the hem is one of the annoying issues. Use a gentle detergent that has no dyes or perfumes. The estimated shrinkage is 2-4% in length and 0-2% in width. It’s sturdy and holds up through many washings but may need to be ironed frequently. Ah well… it looks like it, haha). Thanks for the giveaway offer. I absolutely despise easing sleeves into anything, but I’m going to try the three rows of basting – thanks for the tip! Do you alter the pattern digitally, manually and then print??? Thanks for compiling! If you go for it, definitely let me know and I’ll keep looking in the meantime. She mentions a few patterns in it, and specifically the Miette skirt. Those Tessuti trousers sound great. I’m thinking of using a Monaluna quilting cotton poplin for a jacket that’s lined and underlined with acetate and lambswool, respectively. Yay! The instructions for both the Washi dress and the Cleo skirt specifically mention quilting cotton as a viable fabric and it looks like the samples below are utilizing them to cheery effect. If you like it why not? I like to wash quilting cottons at least two or three times before cutting and sewing, they can shrink quite a bit, and it can be helpful to relax all the fibers a bit before sewing curved areas. I made the cropped version with some quilting cotton and it turned out fine! I am just learning to sew garments so I have just been using cotton for now anyways. Quilting cottons don’t have much stretch on the cross grain and can be a pain to ease into tight quarters. I bought the hubster Albion and bought the outer fabric, wool lining, otter wax for the outer fabric, and a gorgeous silk for the sleeves. Love the idea of printing the pattern on the quilting cotton, brilliant! Holy cow, Sprout looks like a dream solution for me. Quilting cotton is a great fabric for hot climates because it breathes, but it wouldn’t work well for dressier clothing since it’s a casual looking fabric. It’s great that people are able to tell me they’ve had personal experience with certain patterns as it’s hard to tell sometimes from pics/descriptions and I don’t want anyone to waste precious fabric! As a quilter I have some fabric ready to go, thanks for the inspiration. Cotton Craft Quilting Fabric, Dark Blue Gray White Vintage Floral Fabric Fat Quarter Bundles for Sewing Crafting,46cm x 56cm (Approx 18" x 22") 4.5 out of 5 stars 68 CDN$26.99 This series is so helpful! It’s easy to cut, doesn’t slip and slide, and irons nicely. For the latter, not only is quilting cotton a recommended fabric, it’s also a totally stash-busting pattern. I’ve never seen sewing patterns printed on fabric before, I guess the future is already there without me noticing! I know exactly what you mean, There’s a lot of overlapping with some of the fabric types I think! Like another commenter, sometimes I just can’t resist a beautiful fabric! But on to the topic at hand: what are your thoughts on using them for circle skirts? Hey Maryanne! Super helpful and interesting. I may even wax the cotton to add a little rugged-ness and waterproofing. (Chambray was my favorite fabric for that particular pattern so far.) This would be an absolutely wonderful challenge should I win. If you’ve been sewing (and consequently, hunting for fabric) for any time at all, you’ve probably come across the vast world of quilting cotton. Clockwise from top left: Bondi Dress, Margot Pant, Annie Dress, Leni Top. Whenever possible, mark on the wrong side of the fabric to avoid affecting the printed side. The other issue I have is the v neck band folding in the middle.. I’d love to try this! – a Named Clothing Helmi dress I have yet to blog about in a Cotton and Steel print (I posted one photo on IG and need to write up a proper blog post about it) Sewing garments with quilting cotton is a hot topic with many opposing views. Thanks for the giveaway! Thanks for the great article! Chris.W 35Pcs Quilting Fabric Squares Sheets, 10"x10" Cotton Craft Fabric Bundle Patchwork Pre-Cut Quilt Squares for DIY Sewing Scrapbooking Quilting Dot Pattern(Dark Color Set) Foraineam 50 Pieces Assorted Cotton Craft Fabric Bundle 8" x 8" (20cm x 20cm) Printed Patchwork Squares for DIY Sewing Quilting Scrapbooking I know many sewers hate on using quilting fabric for garments so I like that this post shows off the advantages of using it for clothing. It’ll be a little more boxy, but if that’s your thing, what’s to stop you? The range of patterns available and the quality of the print and colour. I know it’s a good idea, but sometimes I’m too lazy. The weight of a thread is actually a length measurement. I did not see in the post if this fabric has been washed/shrunk, please clarify. Yes, I totally know what you mean. Looking forward to reading and learning more! I’m a novice sewer and have read to never use quilting cotton for clothing, which was always a bummer since it’s so inexpensive and readily available! Kwik Sew, Quilter's Highlights patterns These are patterns that Kwik Sew suggests for quilting cottons. I’ve not had much luck sewing tops with it, though, so perhaps, if I win this giveaway, the Aster blouse will help turn my luck around. Day 2 I love the prints available on quilting cottons! I’m just not sure about the sleeves, but I think it could work? Thank you for your generosity! If your hem is too small it may turn up and not lay flat. I love your patterns, but haven’t tried the Aster yet. The Upton Dress has cotton listed as one of the recommended fabrics and I’ve seen a few versions on the web that look great. What to do with quilting cottons? My first garment was in a quilting cotton too! I’ll check them out. I’m a quilter, first and foremost, and I’ve never hesitated to use quilter’s cottons for apparel! Made from 100% high-quality cotton, Misscrafts Cotton Quilting Fabric, 12x12-Inch ensure the best outcome. 5 Reasons to use quilting cotton as a dressmaking fabric: Quilting cotton is an excellent good quality cotton fabric. Using a novelty quilting cotton does result in a certain look that can sometimes whisper (or shout) homemade. Then you'll love these animal print fabrics, inspired by creatures both big and small, wild and tame! That’s funny – I was just looking at Deer & Doe’s patterns earlier, including that one. In addition to the Deer and Doe patterns (Chardon, Belladonne, Datura) that I listed in response to a previous comment, I have also had success with Megan Nielsen’s Eucalypt and have bought the Brumby pattern to try.