Weak security, improper commissioning, and the fast, non-standardized growth of the IoT industry are the major contributors to the recent DDoS attacks, e.g., Mirai Botnet attack on Dyn and Memcached attack on GitHub. It also allows running independent P4 functions in isolation, thus enabling P4 code run-time pluggability. LDN offers a clean separation of security into object security and data packet security. Despite the close philosophy between content delivery networks (CDN) and named-data networks (NDN), no solution has realized a large-scale NDN-based CDN yet. ACM ICN 2020: Call for Participation (September 29, 2020 - October 1, 2020) Dear Colleagues, Apologies if you received multiple copies of this e-mail. Bruce Maggs is confirmed as the keynote speaker at ACM ICN 2020. Check out the ICMR2020 introduction slides as presented at the ICMR2019 banquet on 12th June 2019. ACM ICN 2020 is a single-track conference focusing on significant research contributions to ICN as broadly defined, and featuring paper presentations, posters, and demonstrations. The controller then configures the data plane, which is comprised of two main modules: the enhanced packet processing and the forwarding logic modules. In this work we augment NFN with a datastructure that creates transparency about the genesis of every evaluation result. This demo shows an implementation of distributed object storage over NDN. Play stream Download. The resolution of computation expressions is completely transparent to the user which makes it very convenient for application developers, however, also means the whole network becomes a black box that must be trusted totally. We evaluate different aspects of iCDN over the Abilene topology against the global NDN testbed solution and show why iCDN is a promising design to build a large-scale NDN-based CDN. ACM ICN-2020 took place online from September 29th to October 1st 2020. Simulations demonstrate that the proposed techniques can result in better forwarding decisions in the event of partial network failures with significantly reduced overhead. As NDN has evolved, researchers have come to realize that different caching schemes work better for different types of content and patterns of content requests. Session Chair: Toru Hasegawa (Osaka University), Chavoosh Ghasemi (University of Arizona), Hamed Yousefi (Aryaka Networks), and Beichuan Zhang (University of Arizona). Despite this year’s challenges and the added burdens on all of us, thanks to the authors, the reviewers and the organizing committee, the … The Second International Conference on Industrial Control Network and System Engineering Research (ICNSER2020) will be held on June 19-20, 2020 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Since Interests can have multiple common prefixes with different lengths, the real challenge is determining which prefix length should be used in adaptive forwarding to record path measurements - we refer to this as the Prefix Granularity Problem. We discuss design options and measure characteristic performances of different network configurations, which deploy CoAP proxies and OSCORE content object security, and compare with NDN. Yingdi Yu, Alexander Afanasyev, David Clark, kc claffy, Van Jacobson, and Lixia Zhang. Conference information Presentation preparation instructions is now up, Conference will feature three half-day tutorials: Online Learning for Data Caching and Network Service Delivery, Practical NDN Application Development and Seamless Deployment, and Fed4FIRE: A federation of testbeds for hands-on experimentation, Extended deadline for poster/demo submissions to August 15, Conference dates set to September 29, 2020 - October 1, 2020, Extended Call for tutorials deadline to June 29, 2020, Extended ICE-SoGo workshop deadline to July 6, 2020. His research focus is on next-generation Internet architecture as part of the Named Data Networking (NDN) project. Tenants includes users like researchers, application developers, etc. Index Terms. Data chunks with names bound to them are "first-class citizens" in information-centric networks. Thanks so much for serving alongside us at ServeAthens ICN 2020! We show that this datastructure enables applications to single out results produced by dubious computing providers and further to maintain trust relationships with these. 7th ACM Conference on Information-Centric Networking (ICN 2020) 7th ACM Conference on Information-Centric Networking (ICN 2020) List of Accepted Papers Far Cry: Will CDNs Hear NDN's Call? ICN has been successfully applied to LoWPAN scenarios and can provide many benefits with respect to object-based security, performance, disruption tolerance and usability. A primary contribution of this work is the introduction of SOPIs, a simple and efficient naming mechanism enabling clients to concurrently download encoded data over multiple interfaces for the same object, to optimize caching efficiency, and to enable seamless mobility. Caching is integral to Named Data Networking (NDN). Drawing upon our experience in applying NDN to multiple science domains, we point out different exiting naming schemes in scientific communities, how we translated these names into NDN names, and the effect of naming on the network. In order to address this gap, we developed a high-performance NDN router capable of reaching forwarding rates higher than 100 Gbps while running on commodity hardware. Google Scholar Digital Library; Supplemental Material. In this work we present the design of our NFD fuzzer and provide an overview of its most salient implementation details. Program committee. ICN 2020 was only possible thanks to the great efforts of the organizing and technical committees and the valuable contribution of the authors. Besides, the naming of individual pieces of content seriously affects how the network behaves. Similar to UDP/TCP flooding (common DDoS attack vector), request flooding attack is the primary DDoS vulnerability in the Named-Data Networking (NDN) architecture. In this paper, we introduce a novel Enhanced NDN (ENDN) architecture that offers an extensible catalog of content delivery services (e.g., adaptive forwarding, customized monitoring, and in-network caching control) that can be programmed in the data plane using customizable P4 programs. Named Data Networking (NDN) relies on public key signing to ensure integrity and authenticity for all data packets fetched in the network. In this paper we present our design and discuss its tradeoffs. ICN is an attempt to design a network tailored to demands of users who only care about data. The NDN Forwarding Daemon (NFD) has been a reference forwarder implementation of Named Data Networking. PERSIA’s edge-centric attack prevention mechanism eliminates the possibility of successful attacks from malicious end hosts. Information storage systems. Our findings indicate an almost continuous design space ranging from plain CoAP at the one end to NDN on the other. CertCoalesce: Efficient Certificate Pool for NDN-Based Systems, Sanjeev Kaushik Ramani and Alexander Afanasyev (Florida International University). by sending requests into the network and measuring responses) from edge systems (e.g. ICN Business School - 86 rue du Sergent Blandan - 54003 NANCY Cedex - +33 (0)3 54 50 25 00. ICN deals with all aspects of an information- or data-centric approach toward supporting networked applications. Once a datagram is complete, it is exposed to the content cache, effectively making the VREP the new fragmenting endpoint. ICN deals with all aspects of an information- or data-centric approach toward supporting networked applications. 2015. His research interests include NDN forwarding, deployment and applications. p161-shin-presentation.mp4. Storage architectures . Named data networking (NDN) is a content-centric future Internet architecture that uses routable content names instead of IP addresses to achieve location-independent forwarding. The organizing committee has decided to move the conference to the fully online format. The information-centric networking (ICN) paradigm offers replication of autonomously verifiable content throughout a network, in which content is bound to names instead of hosts. Named Data Networking (NDN) offers a data-centric approach to communication with an adaptive forwarding plane and in-network data caching, which can be leveraged to address these challenges. The latter module is a novel P4 target architecture that executes these P4 functions on the arriving packets. Please kindly forward it to those who may be interested. Naming Big Science Data in Named Data Networking, Susmit Shannigrahi (Tennessee Technological University) and Chengyu Fan and Craig Partridge (Colorado State University). The results demonstrate that NDT outperforms TCP and is as efficient as NDN, but without making any changes to the existing Internet routing infrastructure. In this poster, we propose a real-time digital signature mechanism for NDN based on the offline-online signature framework known as Structure-free and Compact Real-time Authentication scheme (SCRA). Finally, we identify future work which includes hardware-assisted ingress traffic dispatching, dynamic load balancing across forwarding threads, and novel caching solutions to accommodate on-disk content stores.